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Empowering women is a collective effort, and we can't do it alone. There are two main ways you can support our NGO: by donating and by volunteering. Both forms of support are equally important and can make a huge impact. Your donations allow us to continue providing valuable programs and services to women in need, such as skills training, awareness raising seminar, social cohesion activities and administration. And your time and skills as a volunteer can help us expand our reach and impact, whether through advocacy, outreach, or program delivery.

But we don't just want your support because we're a charity. We want you to support us because you believe in what we're doing. We don't use sad faces and pity to raise money - we believe in sharing powerful stories of resilience, strength, and triumph. We want you to see the smiley faces of the women we empower, and to feel inspired by their stories. 

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