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Textile Training Program

With our comprehensive 5-month textile training program, women gain the technical skills they need to work in the textile industry or start their own business after completing the program.

Our textile training course consists of 3 parts;

Practical: Most of our participants come to KEP with no sewing or textile experience, just a desire to learn and improve. The women are offered a comprehensive training in basic hand sewing techniques, textile applications, textile machinery functions, using industrial sewing machines, machine repair techniques, garment sewing techniques, pattern making, fabric cutting and sewing quality control.

In addition to our practical textile training, we also provide the program beneficiary women with theoretical knowledge about the textile production chain and industry. The women receive detailed information about all the different types of fabrics, fibers, and textile supply chain. In line with KEP's ethical and environmental approach, our beneficiaries learn about sustainability and circularity in fashion, examining the impact of the clothing and fashion industry on people and the environment and what we are doing at KEP to address these issues. By the end of the course, students will not only be competent garment machine operators, but also a conscious part of the sustainable fashion movement, ready to work for and contribute to a textile industry that values the earth, the environment and people.

Graduation Project
With the practical and theoretical knowledge they acquire, the women design and sew their own clothes, both top and bottom pieces. And the sewn clothes are exhibited in a fashion show organized in our association. In addition to the fashion show, a production line demo is set up and women are tested to determine the speed and quality of their work on a time basis.

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